Great review of A Punk Rock Future

A.C. Wise has a fantastic review of A Punk Rock Future here.

Wise’s own work has twice been a finalist for the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic (and once a winner), and a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. She has two collections, The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron Saves the World Again, and The Kissing Booth Girl and Other Stories, published by Lethe Press, and a novella, Catfish Lullaby, published by Broken Eye Books. In addition to her fiction, she contributes the Women to Read and Non-Binary Authors to Read series to The Book Smugglers.

We love that Wise’s review paired us with another excellent, resistance anthology Do Not Go Quietly edited by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner.

As well, she referenced these other recent anthologies in the same genre, including A People’s Future of the United States edited by Victor Lavalle and John Joseph Adams, If This Goes On edited by Cat Rambo, and Who Will Speak for America.

Very good company.

Our favorite line about A Punk Rock Future in Wise’s review: “A Punk Rock Future edited by Steve Zisson brings together 25 original stories and one reprint celebrating the spirit of punk – the loud, messy, DIY spirit that shouts back at authority and in no uncertain terms tells it to go fuck itself.”

Perfect. Pre-order A Punk Rock Future here or there

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