Opening Again for Flash Fiction

Now that our Kickstarter was a success, we’ll reopen submissions from Nov. 1 through Nov. 15, just for flash fiction.

Stories up to 1500 words. Same submission guidelines apply except for story length. It’s a hard limit at 1500 words.

Thank you all for supporting us and spreading the word. We found a community that really really wants this book!

We’ll keep you updated on our progress along the way toward .

Thanks for joining together with the band!

Closed for Submissions

A Punk Rock Future is now closed for submissions. We received 341 stories, which is pretty good for a narrow submission call, and appreciate the enthusiasm writers expressed for this anthology. We’ve only accepted 4 stories so far and more than 50 are being held for a second look. We’ve still got some reading to do…


The Stories Keep Coming

In the first month of submissions, we’ve received some fantastic stories from writers with great visions of A Punk Rock Future.

In the first month, we’ve read 75 stories, held about a dozen, and accepted only one of them. So many story slots are still open.

We expect a deluge of submissions the closer we get to the August 15 deadline.

So keep them coming